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Frequently Asked Questions

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UltiAnalytics automatically creates a custom site for your team the first time you upload your team. Each team you create gets its own site. The site is public so you and your teammates can view the pages without logging on. You can protect your site such that visitors to the site must enter a password to see your team statistics (see next FAQ item).
You can protect your site such that visitors to the site must enter a password to see your team statistics. You can set (or change) the password at any time after you have uploaded your team for the first time. To change the password, go to your website admin page choose the team and then change the password.

set password screenshot
UltiAnalytics uses Google App Engine™ for storing team data (and generating your team website). The team data may only be changed by a user with this id/password.
NOTE: You should consider creating a new Gmail™ account if you are going to allow more than one person to update the team data so that you don't compromise your personal Gmail™ credentials.
No. In fact, you should consider creating a new Gmail™ account if you are going to allow more than one person to update the team data so that you don't compromise your personal Gmail™ credentials.
Use the ""undo" button. This red button deletes the last mistaken tap. You can click it as many times as you like. Each time you click it will undo one more event. If you keep clicking it you will unwind the entire game. As you undo it will adjust the view to reflect what it should be again at the time of that event. This might mean switching between defense view and offense view and even switching to the line view.

undo button

Alternatively, you can use the app's correction feature. Just find the event (pick "Events" from the Game view or swipe up from the Action view to see events) and select it. You can change the player(s) for event and make other changes for some events (e.g., changing from drop to throwaway, or OB pull to inbounds pull).

event correction
If you need to record a substitution go to the Line view just like you would to set/correct the players on the field. If you go this view after an event has been recorded for a point a "Substitution" button will appear. If you are really doing a substitution (as opposed to correcting) then click this button. The Substitution view will be presented.
UltiAnalytics allows you to record callahans for your team by long-pressing* the D button. Likewise you can record your team's turnovers caused by stall or misc. penalty by long-pressing the Throwaway button.

* to long-press tap and hold the button. A menu will appear with choices.
A player name is inactive if the name is included in game(s) data but the name is no longer in the current list of players on the team.
There are a number of scenarios that create an inactive player name. For example, a player is no longer on the team (or no longer playing and you would like to stop seeing his/her name in the line view). Or it might be the result of some player re-naming. For example you:
  1. created a team with player Sam on your mobile device,
  2. recorded and upload a game to the website,
  3. renamed Sam to Sammy on your mobile device,
  4. recorded and uploaded another game.
Both Sam and Sammy will now appear in stats. Sam is considered inactive.
You can use the admin site to correct the data by merging Sam into Sammy.
NOTE: A designation of "inactive" does not affect whether you can merge a player. The designation exists simply to let you know that the player is not on the current team.
UltiAnalytics allows you to export and import games using the admin web site (
  • To export: browse to the games tab, pick your game and click the Export link. This will create a file that you can import back into UltiAnalytics.
  • If you want to move the game to another team then choose the team in the admin site, browse to the games tab and click the Import Game button.
  • If you want another person to have that game you can send the export file to them in an e-mail. They can then import the game into one of their teams.
The twitter accounts get registered via the iOS settings. Go to Settings, Twitter (there may be more than one twitter in settings…pick the first one). iUltimate refers to one of the registered iOS twitter accounts. You should be able to pick a different one than your personal twitter account if you have registered it.
Unfortunately Twitter has limits to how many tweets it will accept from a user during the day. And worse, once it reaches those limits it rejects all messages for an hour or two. To keep you from exceeding your "tweet budget" UltiAnalytics governs the tweets and skips tweets that are not considered critical.
This is usually the result of duplicate messages which Twitter rejects.
UltiAnalytics allows you to manage players using the admin web site ( From the team's Players tab you can:
  • Merge 2 players if you accidentally have 2 players that are the same person
  • Delete or rename a player
Once you have completed the maintenance you should download the game to your mobile device to ensure the changes are applied there as well (otherwise, the next upload of this game will undo your changes).
Yes, UltiAnalytics allows you to set player full names using the admin web site ( Go to team's Players tab and choose rename for each player to set their first and last name. These names are only used on the website. You will not see them on your mobile device.
UltiAnalytics recommends you create separate teams for each season. You can copy a team by using the UltiAnalytis admin tool: (
If you already have one team with 2 seasons and you would like to split it then follow these steps (assume your team is called Discdogs which has 2013 and 2014 games):
On your iPhone or Android device:
  1. Rename Discdogs to Discdogs 2013
  2. Copy Discdogs 2013
  3. Rename the new team to Discdogs 2014
  4. Upload Discdogs 2013 to the website
  5. Upload Discdogs 2014 to the website
On the admin site (
  1. Export the 2014 games from Discdogs 2013 to your desktop
  2. Import these games to your Discdogs 2014 team
  3. Delete these games from your Discdogs 2013 team
On your iPhone or Android device:
  1. Download all of your games for Discdogs 2014
  2. Delete the Discdogs 2013 team (or just delete the 2014 games from the Discdogs 2014 team)
You can move the games you have created to another google account. For example, you have created games under your own google account but would like move the games to a different account so that teammates can share stat-taking and admin duties for the team.
  1. If you have not already done so, create a new google account.
  2. On your mobile device, start the app and signoff ("forget") your user id (see screenshots for iOS and Android versions below).
  3. Upload the games for your team. The mobile app will prompt you for your google signon. Use the new ID you created in step (1.)
  4. You are done! Your team now has a NEW team ID.
  5. Clean up. Use the admin tools to delete the old team (make sure you are signed on as the original user) so others are not confused: (
Google account signoff on iOS mobile app:

Google account signoff on Android mobile app: