UltiAnalytics Privacy Policy

Last Updated: July 5, 2016

The following describes the privacy policies of the UltiAnalytics1 mobile apps and website.

Other Parties

UltiAnalytics uses Google App Engineā„¢ to host its website and requires a Google identity (e.g. Gmail account) for authenticating the user of UltiAnalytics. Please see the Google privacy policy for more information.

Information Collection

UltiAnalytics does not collect any personal information on the user of the iPhone app. However, player nickname and sex are entered into UltiAnalytics for each player on a team. UltiAnalytics does not record the Google signon credentials entered by the user. Rather, the user interacts directly with Google during signon. Please see Google policies for their policies regarding collection.

Information Use

UltiAnalytics uses data collected for presenting team and player statistics via the iPhone or web site. No other usage of this data is expected. Please see Google policies for their policies regarding usage.

Information Sharing

Although the data captured in UltiAnalytics is primarily intended for use in the UltiAnalytics website, there is a public API which other sites can use to retrieve the data. The developers of UltiAnalytics reserve the right to view all data captured in the UltiAnalytics web application in order to adequately maintain the application. Please see Google policies for their policies regarding sharing.


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1The current UltiAnalytics iOS app is called iUltimate